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Sabtu, 12 April 2014

Kalibrasi Horizon

Electronic Theodolite

Electronic Theodolite
The HORIZON Electronic Theodolite 1000/1000A Series A top Electronic Theodolite in its class. The HORIZON Electronic Theodolite is equipped with a stable Compensator, robust housing, and atough finishing.
The HORIZON Electronic Theodolite has been tested in markets like USA and Europe to ensure that it stands
up to even the most stringent user expectations. Equipped with simple programs and straightforward button-press
operation, the HORIZON Electronic Theodolite is a proven standard mainstay in our continually developing
product range.
The new ET1005 LCD
panel is now wider, and
comes with improved
backlight illumination for
clear and easy viewing.

Automatic Level Metal Casing Product

Automatic Level Metal Casing Productthe all new horizon 3000 series automatic level is a heavy duty quality product which packs many other improvements over its predecessor.
firstly, it has better crystal clarity optics which gives consistently clear focus over much greater distances.
secondly it has superior dual compensator stability, for improved accurate measurements. Thirdly it now has a full metal casing made to withstand the rough handling and occasional accidents in the fi eld. Unmatched in it’s class, this widely used instrument has proven itself against superior, even against pricier auto levels
in the market.

Total Station Instrument

Total Station Instrument
He new horizon hts-580 series total station is now equipped with absolute encoding in all models to allow for significantly better vertical angle measurement stability, as compared with incremental encoding used in traditional instruments. The operation simplicity for the instrument range has been retained, to allow for even fi rst-time users to pick up the instrument and operate it with relative ease. In addition, 2 new on-board programs, cogo (coordinate geometry) and traverse adjustment, have been added to increase the functionality of the instrument, in line with horizon’s belief in constant evolution in its products. The instruments in this new range are capable of very rapid measurements like before, even with additional programs loaded on board.

the hts-580 series currently comprises of 3 models in its product line up, namely the hts-580a, the hts-580arx,
and the hts-580agx. All 3 models are available in 2”, 3” or 5” accuracies. Horizon is also introducing its multilingual instrument platform, which currently supports english, portugese, german, and chinese. We would be
glad to discuss language customization possibilities with you upon request.

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